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We’re the Stucco Contractor You’ve Been Searching for in Omaha, NE.

Stucco Repair Omaha has just the stucco contractor team for your repair or installation job.

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You’ve stumbled on Stucco Repair Omaha, NE site and we’re glad you’re here!

Whether you need a team of trusted stucco contractors for a commercial, residential job, whether it be an interior or exterior project and either repair or installation, consider yourself lucky you’ve found Stucco Repair Omaha! 

If you’re ready to kickstart a project with our team, don’t hesitate,  contact us today!

Omaha EIFS Professionals

When you install Omaha stucco, you know you’ll have it for a lifetime.

Omaha EIFS Professionals Project

It’s true, stucco lasts 50 to 80 years. With this being said, even the best, most professionally installed stucco that’s perfectly maintained will need repair at some point. But here’s the good news: patching stucco has the lowest annual cost of any other material.

It’s important to repair stucco when you first notice it. Even the smallest cracks, knicks and holes will become big problems if left unattended, even though it can be tempting to turn a blind eye. It’s small after all, you might argue! Our stucco contractor team wants you to leave this mentality behind, and that’s why we’ve made it incredibly feasible and pain-free to work with our team.

We’re a stucco contractor that prides ourselves on being the best of the best: in customer service, patching stucco and new stucco installation.

Rusting wall ties in cavity walls may leave your property with structural problems and structural instability. Siding can develop cracks and holes over time due to settling and impact damage. 

Our team of experienced stucco contractors will vouch for the importance of sealing a crack or hole when it develops to prevent water from seeping in and causing further damage.

Don’t let this knowledge stress you out (although we have to admit, we’d hate if this occurred to our building). 

Simply call Stucco Repair Omaha, your local stucco contractors who always have your best interest at heart and are experienced in fixing small and big problems alike.

Damage to your existing stucco in your Omaha property can lead to the appearance of cracked masonry and failure of damp proofing.

Stucco Contractor Omaha, NE

Maybe your problems aren’t patching stucco related. We’ve got great news, as our Omaha stucco contractor team is just as skilled in stucco installation.

We’d be honored if you chose us for the installation of your commercial or residential building. As one of the most durable finish materials available on the market, stucco has a life expectancy of 50 to 80 years, meaning that once its been installed, you can count on it holding up for years and years and years to come.

And then some, with only a little yearly maintenance to make certain it holds fast and with a little patching stucco. Our stucco contractors and customers alike love stucco as it boasts the lowest yearly maintenance cost when compared to other siding materials. 

Give our stucco contractor team a call to start scheming your new stucco installation project today, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

If you had a different, more specific service in mind, say EIFS synthetic installation or exterior paint for stucco, we do that too! Our team of stucco contractors are fit to do whatever job you propose. 

Look at our services to find more information on just some of the services we provide. If you had something else in mind, please — don’t hesitate to contact us!

Choose a stucco company in Omaha, Nebraska area that best serves you.

You could choose any company in Omaha, but when you choose Stucco Repair Omaha, our stucco contractor team promises stellar results and an exterior or interior stucco installation or repair that leaves your commercial or residential property better than when you left it in our hands.

How does our Omaha professional stucco contractor team stand out from the rest?

We complete all our projects with the highest quality products. We do so efficiently and at a fair price using the best stucco contractor team we can find. 

We’ve curated a team of experienced installers who have the capabilities to help you make the most informed decisions when planning for your patching stucco, EIFS installation — whatever it might be that we’re serving you to complete.

Top Quality




While you could DIY stucco, we can’t say we’d recommend it when there’s a qualified, knowledgeable and professional stucco contractor team in Omaha, NE waiting for your call.

Our team of professionals have streamlined the installation and repair process through years of experience and tidbits of knowledge we’ve collected along the way. We promise we’ll always deliver the highest quality of stucco services.

Omaha Professional Craftsman Applying Stucco

We, at Stucco Repair Omaha, NE believe in your stucco DIY skills! But save them for the Pinterest crafts.

While you could complete a DIY repair job, we’re not going to pretend you won’t be able to tell it was DIY’d. We know it won’t be flawless, the transitions won’t be seamless and you’ll certainly be able to spot it as a DIY job, make no mistake. 

But this is at no fault of your own. You haven’t dedicated your professional life to the art of stucco repair the same way our curated team of stucco contractors have. 

Their knowledge, coupled with an abundance of experience ensure that our stucco contractors make the best decisions for your project. They’ve had years and years of stucco repairs and installations that have gotten them to where they are today. 

Our stucco contractors know stucco, it’s second nature to them. They can recognize what a project needs while it’s unfolding as they all uniquely do. We’re sure you’re a great whatever-you-do-er, but leave the stucco to the stucco contractors. 

Make sure you choose a team you can trust, like Stucco Repair Omaha.

You’d think you’d get the same stucco repair job for your Omaha properties no matter which stucco contractor team you call, but this simply isn’t the case.

You could call the first team you stumble across (we can only recommend this if you found us first) but you’ll likely be left with unsavory results. You’d be making the assumption that every team is competent enough to match the original finish and create a seamless transition from the new to the old stucco. Our stucco contractors are known for our skills and patience in handling stucco repair.

Residential Stucco Repair in Omaha, NE

Patching stucco and stucco installation go hand in hand. Naturally, our Omaha stucco contractors are skilled in the art of both tasks.

We love a new, fresh surface to install stucco on just the same as we do patching stucco holes and cracks. To our stucco contractors, there’s nothing like a job well done, no matter what it may be, no matter how we get to the end result.

Stucco is made of cement, fine sand and lime mixed with water to form a paste that’s spread over a surface with trowels and in some instances sprayed with machines.

Stucco can be used on the interior or exterior of your residential or commercial building. It’s an incredibly popular material and with just cause. Stucco is known for its low cost, resistance to earthquakes and breathability in humid climates.

When you could choose any team of stucco contractors, why choose Stucco Repair Omaha, NE?

We’re experienced, knowledgeable and we leave every job site tidied up and with stellar installation or repair jobs. We’re not known to disappoint. We have the know-how you’d want from a team of professionals, especially professionals you’re paying and trusting with your home or business property. Our stucco contractors experience allows them to work only in the best weather and environmental conditions. 

Residential Stucco Repair in Omaha, NE

Stucco Repair Omaha, NE process goes a little something like this:

We put up sheathing materials, building paper, casing bead, weep screeds, metal lath, control joints…we accurately mix and apply the scratch coat, trowel the scratch coat into the lath, let the scratch coat cure and then mix and apply the brown coat. When all the wet materials have cured, our team of stucco contractors we’ll finish it up with a finish coat.

When all the wet materials have cured, our team of stucco contractors we’ll finish it up with a finish coat. When applied over concrete or masonry, the process looks slightly different — but that’s probably more than you wanted to know about stucco application anyway.

Stucco installation or repair is pretty hands-off from where you’re at. Just give our Omaha team of stucco contractors a call and we’ll take it from there.